Latest activities

Jul 21, 2023

Systems Thinking vs Critical Systems Thinking

Thanks to a very kind invite extended from Paul Barnett, I was able to briefly share my experiences with CST during an event organized by Balkan Business Forum. Also, it’s always a great pleasure to listen to Mike C. Jackson talk about real world application of CST. His work had a great influence on the way I do things. Great insight talk by Balkan Business Forum.

Jun 08, 2023

Western Balkan Summer Demo Day

As part of the jury for the Western Balkan Summer Demo Day 2023 at Impact Hub Belgrade I heard 5 great pitches and had an opportunity to learn more about 5 exceptional startups from this region. After the pitches, there was a podcast where together with Gaia Montelatici as a facilitator and Esra Talu we talked about sustainable business opportunities during. The conversation shed light on crucial aspects around sustainability, as well as opportunities in the US market, and the importance of addressing various sustainability aspects in business and product development practices.

Mar 23, 2023

Panel at Impact Hub

Participated in a panel on how to tap into the mentorship resources to attract investments, at Impact Hub Belgrade. It was an interesting experience. I was focused on talking about product management and finding better ways to work together as a team, but I noticed others were more interested in different topics around investments. One very positive things I’d like to underline is that all of the founders were very much aware that they need to sell the story, and different people will react to different stories.

Mar 07, 2023

New Systems Innovation paper

Had an opportunity to read Systems Innovation position paper on the evolution of organizations in an age of complexity. Although it was an interesting read, there were 2 things that might be improved. First one is the framing, where a situation is presented as a dichotomy. This in itself can cause a bias, as we always tend to prefer one option over another, yet there are situations when the other option might have valuable qualities (e.g. anyone who worked on bringing innovation to a huge company might be aware that you’d have implement changes in such a company gradually, starting with a silo, then expanding outwards…). The second thing I noticed is maybe a lack of focus on finding better ways to communicate, as without communication there is no organization.  

Dec 16, 2022

Leading Transformation Academy

Completed the RedQuadrant’s Leading Transformation Academy with Benjamin P. Taylor and a cohort of amazing people from UK and US. Meeting Benjamin is really one of the highlights of this year, and having the opportunity during the last 12 months to participate in conversations with him and other people who are all experts in their fields was really a privilege. 

Dec 03, 2022

Fallacy (65K)

After about 2 years, I finished writing the first draft of a character-driven novel about the journey to self-awareness, that blends a complex narrative reminiscent of Erin Morgenstern’s The Starless Sea, an unreliable first-person narrator akin to Ann Patchett’s The Dutch House, and a touch of magical realism in the vein of Yangsze Choo’s The Night Tiger. It starts with a simple question — what if there was a giant, dark wolf within you, an ever-present flame of defiance, sometimes taking control of your actions? Everyone says finding a literary agent will be a hell on earth, but I really hope I’ll have an opportunity to share this manuscript with a wider audience.

Nov 22, 2022

J Tech Group vertical farming

Working with J Tech Group on a vertical farming and Agriculture 5.0 project is turning out to be very interesting and educational. Even though the industry is very advanced, I still see space for improvement. As in many other industries, there is a serious lack of standards in IoT and Agriculture 5.0, so good luck connecting two or more devices or trying to control them with one app. Definitely a good challenge.

Sep 28, 2022

Organizations and Subjectivism Pt. 2

Article Organizations and Subjectivism Pt. 2 with a hint of a framework is published on Hackernoon, Medium, and Linkedin. There is a bigger discussion to be had around this topic, but I just don’t have time and energy to do it at this time. I hope over the next months I’ll be able to write a paper on subjectivism. This is one of those slightly controversial topics that I’ve seen as true in practice, but it’s not easy to explain to someone, as it’s very much counterintuitive. I can only add for now that Gettier problem is automatically resolved under subjectivism.

Sep 19, 2022

Hackernoon interview

After my article got featured on Hackernoon I did a short interview with them, and it was published today. Thanks Hackernoon.

Sep 18, 2022

Organizations and Subjectivism: Part 1

Hackernoon really liked my article Subjectivism and Organizations: Part 1, it’s a top story and currently on the front page. I was originally planning to release this as a paper backed by a bit of data from the last 2 companies I worked with, but ultimately I became a restless and just decided to share it immediately. I had to divide the article into several parts as the draft version has more than 6K words. So far, I received positive feedback, which is great, as there are important conversations to be had around this topic. 

Feb 23, 2022

Five Worlds practices

Great session with Benjamin P. Taylor about his Five Worlds framework, I’m really grateful for it. It’s always interesting to hear someone else’s perspective on how to approach complexity, or for that matter, what does complexity even mean. For anyone who missed the chat, the video is on up YouTube.

Dec 02, 2021

Meetup with Digital Leadership

Great meetup with Digital Leadership. Big thanks to Phillippe Guenet for facilitating it. There were about 30 people online, and I think everyone reacted really well to the ideas presented in the keynote, even though I got a bit philosophical at some point. Plenty of great questions also, and the interactive parts with Miro board were really engaging. If I make another online meetup soon, this will definitely be a blueprint to follow.

Oct 21, 2021

My flavor of Agile

After Introduction to Complexity Theory, today we talked about organizational design, Agile, and a practice that emerged from chaos several years ago. I talked about how logic, instincts, support from a few great people and a bit of luck, helped me in forming the mythical self-motivated, self-organized team. This was again an in-person meetup and it was completely in Serbian language.

Sep 29, 2021

Introduction to Complexity Theory

I’ve been planning on organizing a community around Complexity Theory in this part of Europe for quite some time, however the world has been a strange place for the past year and a half. Today, I finally kicked it off with the first on-site meetup titled Introduction to Complexity Theory. It was a bit underwhelming, and I was very nervous, but overall I’m glad I did it. I’m already planning the next one.