Novi creates inherently usable pixels by researching and thinking critically. Distinguishing weak signals from noise helps him break pattern entrainment. Sometimes he talks about user-centered product development in front of a lot of people. In spare time he likes to compose music and write fiction.

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Make ’em lose their temper

First thing you could do, create an obese website. You can use a framework and load thousands of lines of code your website will never use. Even novi.xyz is created on WordPress with a custom theme, which is like a Transformers Brawl. Frameworks are quick way to put together something cool, but they’re like candy and they’re making your website obese. Instead of nice, organic, homemade rations, you bring in the cake with extra toppings in the form of add-ons, modules, plug-ins and what-nots. Poor website tries to fight back, throwing tantrum, draining battery, firing processors, but you’re like, nobody has time to cook, just eat the damn cake.

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