I’ve been working in Adobe Illustrator since CS3. I left Corel Draw and never looked back. Even though Illustrator might leave some things to be desired, I use it for creating mockups, icons, logos, illustrations, even for simple transitions. In 2013 I became Adobe Certified Expert for Illustrator CS6, and a year later Adobe invited me to participate in closed beta test for ACE Illustrator CC along with 99 other people from the whole world. Thanks to that participation I received honorary Certificate as Adobe Expert for Illustrator CC. It’s pretty useless title…
Around 2013 I started experimenting with Gradient Mesh tool and created decent photo-realistic vector images. Gradient Mesh takes some getting used to, but once you master it you can recreate any image in vector format. These images are resolution independent and can be used on anything from small website avatars to huge billboards, without any concern of quality loss. There are numerous ways to play around with Gradient Mesh, here’s what I did.

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